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Printmasta is a company that delivers cheap services of duplicating, replicating and Vinyl Sleeves printing and preparing their packaging. They have many years of experience in preparing customised solutions for their customers and their businesses. The products they help make can be used as promotional gadgets or simply be further distributed to the potential customers. With their help the creation of two, five or eleven hundreds of CDs is simple and time-saving. The final product is ready to be sold or given out the moment the shipment gets to the client.

Preparing a Vinyl Sleeves

CD packaging is one of the most important parts of preparing a batch of custom Vinyl Sleeves. The cover is the very first thing the customer sees, so making sure it is carefully prepared is incredibly important for the success of the product. Printmasta offers a variety of types of custom printed CD packaging options – paper sleeves, jewel cases or cardboard wallets. Each customer can choose which solution suits his needs best and place an order via e-mail, including the number of cases needed and the graphic that he wants to have on them.

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